Wizard Photo Editor is a new app for Android that allows to edit images, from photos already located in the device gallery or from pictures made within the app.

After you finish editing, the resulting image can be saved in the device gallery (folder named "WizardPhotoEditor" will be created) and/or sent to any other applications (installed apps that support the "Share Image" option, eg Facebook, WhatsApp, ... ). We always work with a copy; the original photo will NEVER be modified or deleted from the device.

You can also start editing with Wizard Photo Editor from other applications that have the "Share Image" option. For example, from the Gallery of the device, any picture you are watching could be sent to Wizard Photo Editor to be edited with it.

We have done our best to make this app be very easy to use. All is done in a few steps, in the most intuitive way:

1 - The picture enters the app, via any of the possible ways.
2 - Rotate if you want.
3 - Crop if desired (very useful if for example you want to make a "square profile picture" for a social app).
4 - Choose the desired final size (resolution) for the image (small size will be ideal if you just want an image to be shared on social apps)
5 - EDIT. Apply all effects you want. You can choose from a gallery with "Predefined Filters" or use the "Tools" (Brightness, Contrast , Saturation, Text, Borders, ... ) to apply custom effects.
6 - When finished you can save the resulting image in your device's gallery and/or share it on any other apps.


There is a detail that makes this app different to most image proccessing applications. In this app any tool (brightness, saturation, ... ) can be applied either to the full image or to a "SELECTION". So you can define ("finger painting") the area you want to apply effects to. This way you can get amazing effects, such as lighting dark areas in backlighted photos (without "burning" the rest), changing color hues to the sky, teeth whitening, change the eye color, etc...


Wizard Photo Editor is and will always be a free application. The application displays ads as a way to support development and maintenance. There is also a buy option to remove ads.

To notify bugs, give feedback or suggestions please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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